Managing Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is increasingly a topic of discussion. Various studies  have attempted to quantify the impact of diversity on the success of an  organization. While the resulting statistics and conclusions may differ, what is  not in dispute is the fact that today’s employees and their leaders encounter a  wide range of differences when interacting with their colleagues. When  addressed poorly, these differences may cause conflict and reduce productivity.  If well-managed, this richness of diversity may create an environment of  inclusion resulting in strong work teams. 

In this module, we identify the various ways in which we react to other  people when we perceive either similarities or differences. We will uncover  the basis of our physiological reaction to those who appear to be different.  We will use a strategic approach based upon respect to break down barriers  and build relationships. 

  • Understand our Reactions to Others
  • Identify a Process to Make the Most of Diversity 
  • Commit to Use Proven Tools to Bridge Differences 

7, 3 Hour Live Online Sessions or 3.5 days Face to Face

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