Diversity and Inclusion

The Women’s Leadership Academy: Leadership Training for Women

8 x 3 Hr Live Online Sessions
4 x Days Face 2 Face

Our world has changed. Thirty years ago, companies were hiring managers and they were hiring leaders, but they were not necessarily the same people. Today, every manager is expected to be not only an effective leader but also a coach and mentor. Most of us are more comfortable on one side or the other in the leadership/management balance.

Balancing the skills between leadership and management is the focus for all managers and leaders today. It is important to examine the balance between what we are doing today versus what we are leading others to do. How can we identify and leverage our leadership style to be the best we can be, in order to get the best results for ourselves and our organization?

Completion of this module will empower participants to:

  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Identify the drivers for success
  • Describe leadership experiences and values
  • Conduct an “Innerview” to open the lines of communication and
  • build trust
Primary Competencies

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