Leading your Sales Team to Online Success

The sales landscape has changed. Almost overnight prospects became harder to reach and priorities changed. Currently the reality of tighter cash flow and looming target deadlines has severely damaged sales confidence. Fortunately, Dale Carnegie is here to help. As the world’s largest provider of ‘Live Online’ training, Dale Carnegie has the tools to help you meet these challenges. 

For just two hours of your time, we are confident this will lift your spirits – and your game. In this session, we will look at: • The new sales environment • What it takes to succeed in virtual sales • Measuring ability • Core engagement skills • Managing performance

Join us as we help you to:
• Identify the core abilities needed for succeeding in virtual sales
• Evaluate your current sales team in terms of their virtual skills
• Promote greater engagement with a remote team
• Hold people accountable when performance drops
• Feel more confident in upskilling your team
You will explore the impact the changes are having on your own business, meet and exchange ideas with  like-minded Sales Leaders and take away some tools and ideas to apply immediately.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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