Diversity and Cultural Intelligence

The benefits of diversity in the workplace include faster problem-solving, better decision-making, increased innovation, employee engagement, and better financial performance. Diversity, however, can only deliver on its full potential when it exists in a genuinely inclusive environment. An organizational culture that does not make talented, diverse employees feel valued and supported is certain to lose them, increasing the cost of turnover and lowering morale and productivity. Diversity and Inclusion: Cultural Awareness and Competency helps us understand the hidden biases that can keep us from achieving inclusivity and equity within our organizations. Develop the tools for the self-awareness and cultural competency needed for your organization to perform at its highest level.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:
  • Recognize conscious or unconscious (implicit) biases and implement ways to mitigate the negative effects they may have on others and the organizations and institutions they serve.
  • Be more culturally aware and recognize and appreciate the nuances of culture and background in our organizations and personal life.
  • Better accept negative feedback and improve performance after receiving it.
  • Utilize skills to communicate with empathy, manage conflict effectively, prevent misunderstanding, build trust and psychological safety, and create stronger relationships.
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