Future Skills
Complex Problem Solving

(3hour Online workshop)

Problem solving and decision making takes time and resources. It also takes information and the ability to make sense of it. On top of that, it can be a stressful and worrisome task. Managing the process of problem solving requires tools and techniques to take out the guess work and to come to conclusions you’re confident are the best ones.

This module introduces tools to make the process of decision-making easier and more interactive. You learn methods to work as a team to acquire and analyze information. Using three different methods, you make decisions leveraging group input. Most importantly, you take away strategies for managing the stress that comes with trying to make the best decision.

  • Use defined processes to solve challenging problems
  • Tap into diverse perspectives to analyze and solve business problems
  • Implement decision-making techniques to reach sound decisions
  • Apply principles of controlling stress and worry in making decisions and solving problems

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