Selling in a Virtual Environment

4 x 3 Hr Live Online Sessions

With all the changes in society, many salespeople must switch their focus from the face-to-face interaction that so often characterizes a sales transaction to selling their products and services in a virtual environment. For many reasons, this can be jarring. Much of a salesperson’s personal tool kit, the tried-and-true methods they employ when dealing with customers, do not readily translate into the virtual world. In order to meet their quotas, sales professionals need to either find new tools or customize and adapt their ways to better suit this vastly different landscape.

One of the first things lost in a shift to virtual selling is the physical element of face-to-face communication. Much of how we communicate centres around the cues we send and receive through our body language. In the virtual world, with the increased use of phones, email, and video conferencing apps like Zoom, it becomes more difficult to read these signs. Whether it’s the tone of an email or the look of video conference–where participants can appear frozen behind a desk–you may notice that your well-trained eye for reading customers is suddenly impaired.

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate confidence and competence needed to overcome the challenges of selling virtually
  • Maximize virtual sales meetings to become a trusted advisor
  • Foster a growth mindset for selling in a virtual environment
Primary Competencies

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