Judgement and Decision Making

You’ve cleared one organizational hurdle, and now you face another one. Analyzing and solving problems is a matter of course in any business environment. No one, and no process or product, are without faults or flaws. Strategic planning is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of simply listing annual activities and survival tactics. Nowadays, strategic planning means sparking a revolution within the organization that transforms it from good to great by challenging the status quo and asking the hard questions. It is about aligning short-term objectives to achieve long-term gains. 

It does not take much to be convinced of the importance of planning. Examples abound with organizations that have thrived or failed due to adequate planning or lack thereof. Organizations can either create their own destiny or be at the mercy of the moment. The difference comes down to a strategic plan that defines a destination and provides a roadmap to reach it

This module offers a variety of tools and techniques to analyze and solve problems and manage the stress that comes with decision-making. Using an analysis checklist and affinity diagram, you learn to identify critical factors and apply criteria for solving real-life problems and making sound decisions. The module also explores the differences between strategic and tactical planning. Participants specify the core competencies that provide their organization’s competitive advantage and apply those natural strengths toward a strategic plan that lays out the required actions.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:
  • Identify the differences between strategic and tactical planning.
  • Jump start their organization’s growth by developing a strategic intent and plan.
  • Leverage the organization’s core competencies identified during the module.
  • Assess the current state using SWOT Analysis.
  • Use defined processes to solve challenging problems.
  • Tap into diverse perspectives to analyze and solve business problems.
  • Implement decision-making techniques to reach sound decisions.
  • Apply principles of controlling stress and worry in making decisions and solving problems.
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