Increasing Diversity – Women in Business

This programme presents organisations with a forward-thinking approach to tap into their female talent pipeline by taking their highest female performers and developing their capabilities to communicate, drive change and increase productivity.

Participants can expect to gain clarity around personal identity, personal brand and how to communicate this to lead others. They’ll have increased self-confidence and gravitas in the communication of ideas and decisions and will learn to be comfortable, taking calculated risks and seizing new opportunities both personally and professionally.

New research shows that this year the proportion of senior business roles held by women has fallen from 21% in 2016 to 19%, and while women outnumber men at junior levels, not enough make it through middle management to the top. The Chartered Management Institute predicts that to achieve an even split of management positions between men and women by 2024, an additional 1.5 million female managers need to be appointed. To achieve this target, organisations have a real responsibility to promote and encourage female leadership potential and to invest in a talent pipeline that continually supports and maximises women to excel at work and be confident to take every opportunity.

This course will develop strong female leaders with real presence who are ready to step up; challenge the status quo and champion change and increase the diversity of contribution into their business with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

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