Finance for Non-Financial Managers

4 x 3 Hr Live Online Sessions
2 Full Days Face 2 Face

Finance impacts on all operations in an organization. It is therefore essential that managers, at all levels, are able to interpret basic financial statements.

This training program is designed to provide learners with basic financial knowledge in order to manage organizational and personal finances effectively.

What We Will Cover

  • Understand the basic foundation of financial management.
  • Develop a plan to manage personal finances
  • Determine whether an organization is profitable by interpreting Statements of Comprehensive Income.
  • Determine how the organization is funded and how the funds are being used by interpreting Statements of Financial Position.
  • Measure an organization’s financial health by interpreting Cash Flow Statements.
  • Assess the financial well-being of an organization through the use of financial ratios.
Primary Competencies
Manage Personal Finance
Interpret Financial Statements
Determine the Financial Health of a Project / Department or Company

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