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Thought Leadership Workshops
Each of these is a 2 hour Live Online Workshop

Massive changes have come to the workplace. In the past weeks, this time of uncertainty require your workforce to be flexible and resilient, and to reskill for the changes ahead. The most successful organizations are the ones that can act quickly to adapt to current and changing information while also staying focused and taking care of their employee’s wellbeing. These organizations will have teams that can navigate uncertainty, tackle challenges and pull together to drive innovation. The most successful organizations will have leaders who have built a culture of organizational agility. Dale Carnegie conducts several studies per year on workplace trends which enable and underpin Organizational Agility

  • Developing a Resilient Workforce: How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity
  • Survive to Thrive Resilience Covid-19
  • Managers Matter Even More: A Relationship-Centred Approach to Engaging Employees in Tough Times
  • Discovering the Pathway to Motivating Remote Teams: Uncovering Leadership Blind spots
  • Agility: Developing an Agile Workforce under Adversity and Disruption
  • Trust is Dead! Long Live Trust: Why long term Customer Loyalty is still driven by Trusted Relationships
  • Leading Change in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) World
  • Beyond Technology: Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI
  • Humble Leaders: What defines them, and how they unlock a high-performance culture
  • The Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement: How Organizations and Leaders Can Develop Positive Emotions
  • Align with current market trends and solve challenges
  • Develop strategies to implement concepts within current workforce
  • Create  best fit responses to evolving demands of  business environment
Primary Competencies: Strategy, Vision, Accountability and Flexibility
Related Competencies: Results Oriented, Influence and Delivery

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