Developing Others Through Mentoring & Coaching

3 Hour Live Online Session

Developing stronger relationships among colleagues drives results within the organization and with vendors and partners. These relationships cannot be developed without strong mentoring and coaching. To develop these skills, mid- and senior-level leaders must have the tools to drive coaching and mentoring initiatives.

Distance is a critical challenge when building a culture of coaching and mentoring. Remote employees, cultures, age and geography all impact the ability to coach for strong results. Careful focus must be utilized to create the right environment and relationships for mentoring and coaching. Additionally, commitment is related to all the other success factors. To get commitment from employees, you must lead by example and demonstrate your willingness to adapt to and thrive in the working environment.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:

  • Develop trust and relationships among employees
  • Coach colleagues for continuous improvement
  • Recognize the qualities of successful employees and leaders
  • Utilize time-tested principles to lead your employees to success and help others advance in their careers
  • Devise additional strategies to develop others
Primary Competencies
Interpersonal Skills

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