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Living in a Virtual World


Several factors have led to the emergence of a new form of team working. As Virtual Private Networks, Wi-Fi, and low-cost communication methods such as instant messaging and video chat become more reliable and commonplace, home-working and teleworking become an option for many teams. This option has provided organizations with numerous economic alternatives to the traditional face-to-face team structure. Overall, virtual teams are very similar to traditional teams. However, communication and team building occur more naturally in face-to-face teams. Because of this, leaders of virtual teams should take deliberate actions to build in activities and practices that are vital to team success. 

There are unique challenges that people face when they conduct a virtual sales call or meeting. Sellers must learn to be more concise, communicate value, and accentuate the most important points for their prospects while keeping them engaged. As a salesperson, it is crucial that you connect with your client in the same way you would in person. To do this, you must go into a virtual call or meeting confident and prepared to deliver an engaging and effective presentation because the status quo will no longer work in the new online environment

When planned, conducted, and led effectively, meetings can have an enormous positive impact on an organization. Regardless of the complexity of the meeting or format (in-person or virtual), proper planning is essential to strengthen, enhance, keep on track, shorten, and even eliminate future meetings. An effective meeting should leave the participants feeling productive, energized, and prepared to tackle any action or project. 

This module is a much needed antidote for any person or organization suffering from poor meetings. By applying Dale Carnegie’s principles and by gaining the willing cooperation of others, you become the catalyst for beneficial outcomes for colleagues, customers, managers, and yourself. This training program is designed to help salespeople become trusted business advisors, establish a competitive advantage, and thrive in the new online environment.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:
  • Build self-confidence and competence to overcome the top challenges in a virtual selling environment.
  • Engage buyers in a virtual environment using a customer-centric sales process.
  • Demonstrate a compelling, executive presence with your customers.
  • Create strong, strategic partnerships with your customers.
  • Create a competitive advantage in your virtual sales pitches.
  • Enhance in-person and virtual meeting participation through increased engagement.
  • Discover ways to build cooperation and positive results in meetings.
  • Create guidelines for meeting effectively in-person and virtually – stay on track and on time.
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