Active Learning with a Growth Mindset

Conflicts can be difficult as they occur, but the positive resolution of conflict can build courage and confidence in the workplace. Sometimes only conflict can create a dynamic tension and enable a team to reach new heights

We seem to naturally want to avoid conflict because it’s generally viewed as a negative in the workplace. This view may pervade because organizations lack the tools to consider conflict in a positive way. When a culture treats conflict as an opportunity to channel frustrations into solutions, it can inspire relationships that drive progress and achieve the unexpected. This module introduces you to ways you can learn, grow and expand your skills in conflict situations. You will prepare for clashes and develop strategies for disagreements in positive ways. 

Dale Carnegie Training  gives you the skills you need to help each employee become as successful as possible, discover abilities they didn’t think they had an raise the bar on performance. Even problem employees will respond positively to these performance feedback techniques. As a supervisor or manager, your most productive time to motivate success is in your scheduled one-on-one’s or those chance one-on-one’s that occur during the day. This is the time when you have an employee’s full attention and you can speak openly and candidly. Yet so many supervisors waste these precious moments in random conversation because they lack the skills to turn these conversations into behaviour change opportunities.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:
  • Keep your high achievers challenged and interested
  • Transform problem employees into assets
  • Gain cooperation with an appeal that works every time
  • Help employees raise the bar for themselves and inspire them to go that extra mile
  • Guide employees toward maximizing their abilities and then blend  these individual talents into a high performance team
  • Create clear objectives, expectations and definitive roles for all team members
  • Encourage intelligent risk-taking
  • Give negative feedback without causing resentment
  • Specify ground rules that keep coaching sessions on track
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