Creating a Culture of Engagement

6 x 3 Hr Live Online Sessions

Today, creating a culture of engagement is more vital than ever to an agency’s success and mission achievement. The biggest hurdle facing today’s government leaders, supervisors and managers is how to make sure employees feels engaged, supported and motivated. This program is a practical—person centered— approach to building and sustaining employee engagement. It illustrates the actions that leaders should implement to empower their employees, build trust, and promote communication. In that way agency leaders can help dedicated team members serve the American people each and every day through elevated levels of job performance.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:

  • Utilize Blue Ocean Strategy processes in support of employee engagement
  • Encourage innovation within the team
  • Build and strengthen trust leading to higher levels of innovation
  • Create a culture of engagement that serves the organization through active listening
Primary Competencies
Creative Thinking
Interpersonal Skills

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