Future Skills
Sense Making: EQ, SQ & CQ

3 Hour Online Session

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) are attributes of Personal Mastery that are indicators of the ability to cope with life in a mature way, to make conscious choices (as opposed to being emotionally reactive), and to overcome most difficulties.

This module explores the creative tension between these Intelli-how a higher EQ, SQ and CQ score positions the individual for a motivated outlook and meaningful and fulfilling existence. Certain factors internal to the individual may be present that serve to hold the current position, or status quo, in place. These include fear, perceived limitations, and lack of self-confidence, among others. On the other hand, there may be themes that seem to propel a person forward towards the possibility of a better future. These can include a personal desire to better one’s circumstances, positive self-beliefs, and the need for recognition from others.

  • Recognize the value of a deep sense of purpose to which one’s personal vision and goals are connected, as a calling.
  • View current reality as a friend rather than as an enemy.
  • Perceive that the forces of change are to be recognized and worked with rather than being resisted.
  • Acknowledge that a deep curiosity enables appreciation of diversity and connection
  • Sense that all are part of a larger creative process which we can influence but not control.
  • Develop a deep sense of personal responsibility.

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