Workplace Skills

Customer Centricity

7 x 3 Hr Live Online Sessions

One of the most important lessons learned by companies early in the 21st century is that to continue to grow and thrive, the customer needs to come first. It sounds simple, but successful organizations recognize that customer satisfaction stems from a series of interconnected events and customer loyalty drives profitability and growth. This complete experience can cause a customer to become a champion for our organization.
Good service results when the provider exceeds the customer’s expectations. Quality service is one of those concepts that is easy to talk about but difficult to deliver. Delivering quality service requires tremendous energy, skill and determination.

This module begins with taking 100% responsibility for ourselves and the attitudes we convey. Each time we come into contact with a customer, our attitude shows. The challenge is to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment for our customers and keep ourselves productive and service-oriented throughout our day.

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Assess customer service attitudes to set goals for improvement
  • Incorporate the Four Drivers of Customer Service to build customer relationships
  • Apply attitude control principles to manage our attitudes
  • Use conversational language to keep the interaction low pressure
Primary Competencies

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