The Art of Story Telling

1 x 3 Hr Live Online Session

Successful leaders and public speakers throughout history have understood and harnessed the power of good storytelling. No matter your topic or your audience, telling a story engages your listeners and elevates your public speaking to an art.

Dale Carnegie believed that public speaking and storytelling are skills to be learned, not inborn abilities. Impactful storytelling requires an understanding of your audience, your topic, and your goal. In this workshop, you will learn the very same skills that Dale Carnegie himself used to create generations of successful business people, compelling community leaders, and even politicians.

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Define your audience and their needs, goals, and wants
  • Plan an opening, message delivery, and closing that have impact
  • Use the secret to storytelling: The Magic Formula
  • Identify best practices for presentations
Primary Competencies
Stress Management

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