Diversity and Inclusions Pathway

Realizing the Potential of Sustained Diversity through Dale Carnegie's Diversity & Inclusion Training
The tangible benefits of diversity in the workplace are now well-established. Yet diversity can only deliver on its full potential when it exists in a genuinely inclusive environment. Dale Carnegie's new Diversity and Inclusion: Cultural Awareness and Competency training helps us understand the hidden biases that can keep us from achieving inclusivity and equity within our organizations.
Develop the tools for the self-awareness and cultural competency needed for your organization to perform at its highest level.

The benefits of diversity in the workplace include faster problem-solving, better decision-making, increased innovation, employee engagement, and better financial performance. Diversity, however, can only deliver on its full potential when it exists in a genuinely inclusive environment. An organizational culture that does not make talented, diverse employees feel valued and supported is certain to lose them, increasing the cost of turnover and lowering morale and productivity.

Achieving Inclusion through Cultural Awareness


Struggling with our own biases is part of what it means to be human, but research suggests that increasing our cultural awareness and cultural competency can help us contribute to a genuinely inclusive environment that supports sustained diversity.


5 Common DEI misconceptions that are ruining the workplace and hurting your organization


Myth #1 Diversity, equity, and inclusion only benefit minority groups.

Reality: Although minorities stand to gain the most immediate results of successful diversity programs, DEI actually benefits everyone, especially those working in an organization or team of people. Organizations with higher rates of diversity, for example, enjoy better employee engagement and less turnover. Those are two key metrics of more satisfied employees, which in itself results in higher productivity and profitability. On top of that, a diverse workforce leads to less groupthink, which is a serious inhibitor of innovation and performance.

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Module: 1
Build Trust and Psychological Safety
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Understand the relationship between trust, credibility, and respect​
  2. Minimize trustbusters and restore broken trust​
  3. Apply principles to cultivate a trust-based environment.​
  4. Broaden the psychological safety in our environments
Module: 2
Cultural Awareness
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Understand our Conscious and Unconscious Bias​
  2. Identify a process to make the most of diversity and inclusion​
  3. Commit to use proven tools to bridge differences​
Module: 3
Valuing Diversity
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Discover the role that values play in diversity​
  2. Create a deeper appreciation for other cultures​
  3. Become self-aware of hidden biases
Module: 4
Communicate Across Cultures
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Use the power of storytelling to bridge cultural gaps​
  2. Create emotion in storytelling to impact listeners​
  3. Build our empathetic listening​
  4. Use our experiences to communicate more confidently and discover how past experiences influence behavior​
Module: 5
Increase Self Awareness
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Describe the relationship between perspective and ​
  2. Identify the positive impact of self-awareness on your ability to effectively lead a diverse team
  3. Gain a more accurate understanding of our own values, ambitions, thought patterns, attitudes, emotional responses, strengths and weaknesses, and their effect on others.
Module: 6
Conflict Strategies
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Identify sources of conflict​
  2. Analyze your conflict response style​
  3. Establish opportunities from conflict situations​
  4. Get hidden conflict out in the open​
  5. Move beyond conflict without harboring resentment
Module: 7
Finding Common Ground
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Take an assertive approach to expressing opinions to keep the lines of communication open​
  2. Identify personal hot buttons and our role in disagreements​
  3. Give others the benefit of the doubt and cushion opinions for greater acceptance​
  4. Apply a formula for contributing ideas and disagreeing in an agreeable way​
  5. Create bridges to common ground​
Module: 8
Sustaining Common Ground
Format: 3 Hr Live Online Session
  1. Recognize that people, including ourselves, react in different ways to change​
  2. Identify ways to role model and manage ourselves during cultural change​
  3. Affirm our insights and inspire and be inspired to continue our awareness​
  4. Give and receive recognition from our peers

Learning Journey: Performance Change Pathway TM

Creating Transformational Performance Changes

Our training experiences engage learners from the initial contact through follow-up and support to reinforce key behaviors. The Performance Change PathwayTM  shows our deliberate approach to create training programs that drive improved performance, and is a reflection of what many of us already do.

Dale Carnegie’s Performance Change PathwayTM encompasses five key components: Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment, and Output. 




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