Q Has COVID-19 affected the type of courses you would consider booking for employees in the next 3 months


When it comes to booking employee training in the coming three months, 61% of respondents answered that they are more likely to choose online courses for employees. 

23% will wait to see how the situation plays out and are currently unsure if they will change the type of courses they book. The remaining 16% will book the same type of training as usual in the coming three months.​

Results from Individual Learners

Q Would you say that COVID-19 has made you more or less likely to sign up for a training course in the next 3 months?

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Currently, the appetite to learn has not been dampened by the COVID-19 crisis with 60% of respondents saying that they are more likely to sign up for training in the coming three months.

Of the 40% who are not more likely, only 15% of of these individual learners are less likely to sign up for a course in the next three months. The remaining 25% are currently unsure – which is no surprise in our current circumstances.​

Q Why has COVID-19 made you more likely to sign up for a training course?

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* for this answer, respondents could select more than one option

The number one reason that respondents said they were more likely to sign up for a training course in the next three months was that they now have more time for a course (49%).

Many professionals may be working to make the best of downtime created by social-distancing and could be channeling that energy into becoming more valuable to their current or future employer with recession risk increasing.​

Q How do you normally prefer to learn?

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Survey respondents are nearly evenly divided on their preferred learning style with 53% preferring in person training and 47% preferring online courses.

So how has this changed? Respondents who said that they normally prefer in person training are 41% more likely to choose an online course because of COVID-19. 31% will stick with their preferred learning style, and 28% are currently unsure. (See graph below)

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Overall, individual learners seem to be retaining a positive attitude about learning and will be focusing their efforts throughout the next three months on preparing for their future success.


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