Corporate Alignment Strategy

Dale Carnegie recognizes that our Corporate Clients utilize a number of providers in their learning journeys. In order to streamline processes and improve on reporting, Dale Carnegie offers to collaborate and manage these interventions as part of the Learning Journey.
Developing a High Performance Culture

Dale Carnegie training unlocks the full potential of participants, sending learners on a journey designed to sharpen professional skills and transform them into more successful, fulfilled individuals. To maximize the results of our training courses, learners go on a transformation journey to change performance that impacts individual and business results. The Performance Change Pathway™ is the Dale Carnegie design and delivery framework that provides learners with the needed time to prepare, reflect, practice and apply their skills. 

Programs can be customized based on the needs of your organization.  Online Awareness and Sustainment Sessions offer another way to extend the pathway, beyond the in-person experience of a course. This gives learners the full benefit of their Dale Carnegie experience and is further insurance that they will apply what they learned.  On the journey, learners gather  together with a trainer in a virtual classroom environment, prior to and after they attend the course. By deploying this framework for participants to leverage, you set your teams up for success.

The blended approach to learning on the Performance Change Pathway® offers your organization the ability to:

  • Improve business results by cementing new skills and behaviors
  • Hold participants accountable for their performance goals
  • Deepen insights and application along the extended, time-spaced learning journey
  • Enhance retention of people by continually providing opportunities to build knowledge and skills
  • Extend and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of training leveraging the blended design 
The Learning Journey


  • Manager of Self
  • Manager of Others
  • Manager of Function
  • Senior / Executive 
  • Leaders

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Learning Journey: Performance Change Pathway TM

Creating Transformational Performance Changes

Our training experiences engage learners from the initial contact through follow-up and support to reinforce key behaviors. The Performance Change PathwayTM  shows our deliberate approach to create training programs that drive improved performance, and is a reflection of what many of us already do.

Dale Carnegie’s Performance Change PathwayTM encompasses five key components: Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment, and Output. 




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