Valuing Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is common today. Being able to routinely tap  into the inherent benefits of diversity is far less common. Despite growing  globalization and years of mandated protections and guidelines, not all  organizations have been successful in creating and sustaining a culture of  inclusion and respect. When this is achieved, it may provide both a return on  investment and a competitive advantage. 

In this module, we explore how values may differ as well as how uncovering  shared values can help us bridge differences. We will work with fundamental  approaches to stimulate open, honest discussions. We will apply a set of  proven principles to foster mutual trust and build a solid basis for pursuing  shared goals. 

  • Discover the Role That Values Play in Diversity
  • Develop the Ability to Open the Lines of Communication 
  • Identify Methods to build rapport and trust

5, 3 Hour Live Online Sessions or 2.5 days Face to Face

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