Dave winfield

Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast

Focus, Perseverance, and Legacy

David Winfield


Join us as we dig deeper and hear about life & leadership lessons from Dave Winfield, who had an exemplary career on and off the field in professional sports, business, media, and philanthropy. A recipient of countless awards including the National Baseball Hall of Fame, 2001, NCAA College Baseball Hall of Fame, 2006; 7 Gold Gloves, and 6 Silver Slugger Awards, he is currently an advisor to the Executive Director of MLBPA and plays an influential role working with the players in business development and acquisitions, collective bargaining, communications, marketing, and player education. Learn how being mentally focused, working through adversity, and taking command to give back to family, community, and society has paved Dave’s way to success in sports, business, and life.


Dave Winfield is a “true unicorn in sports”. As the only athlete in history to be drafted by four professional sports leagues. Today, he is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, CEO of Winfield & Winfield, a NY Times best-selling author, speaker, business advisor & philanthropist. Before bronze busts and best-selling books, Dave built confidence through reading, traveling, and winning new friends. Building a strong mental focus & toughness helped him to get through adversity, and become recognized & respected. To Dave, earning a “leader’ or “Capitan” title in sports is based on actions, accomplishments, attitude, techniques, talent, and giving back to others.

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