Lea Gabriella

Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast

Building Confidence Through Adversity

Lea Gabrielle


Join us as the former US Special Envoy and Director of the Global Engagement Center Lea Gabrielle honed her “listen and be decisive” leadership mindset from taking on diverse roles such as a Navy F/A-18C Fighter Pilot, a CIA-trained intelligence operative, and eventually a National Television news correspondent and anchor. Join us to hear practical insight for how to lead people forward in environments prone to conflict and wrought with polarizing opinions.


Lea Gabrielle is committed to the kind of personal and professional growth that is born from the courage of taking on the unknown, leading through adversity, and being intentional about how we expand our experiences to push our limits. Lea offers ideas for handling people that seek to undermine the overall success of the mission, discusses how to lead without designated authority, and shares questions we can ourselves when we’re fearful or anxious about pushing our limits and taking the next step.

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