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Professional & Organisational Results Project

Measuring Return on Investment

When we improve ourselves, we improve our teams and our organizations.  Continuous improvement is part of leading an intentional life and part of being a solution to the challenges we and our teams face.

The Professional & Organizational Results Project ensures that participants apply new concepts and processes to problems and opportunities that they face each day.  As a result, participants and their organizations receive a tangible, immediate return on training.

The Learning Journey: Building the Foundation for Agility


Critical Factor Interviews, Business Improvement Discussion, 5 Lens Assessment & Personal Feedback Reports, 5 Lens Team Discovery Day and Project Design


Realtime Feedback from trainers and VOC scores


Digital Sustainment Sessions, Project Report Out, Business Impact Measurement and Formal Feedback

Benefits of Return on Investment Projects

  • Increased line of sight of participant development
  • Accelerated careered and increased team engagement and accountability
  • Bottom line and top line returns on training
  • Tangible recognition of contributions to the team and organisation

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