Networking to Build Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the message we send, and the message that others  receive, about us. How do we want to stand out from the crowd and have  people remember us? Do we want to be known as a problem solver, an  outstanding team member, a diplomatic change agent? Do we want to be  perceived as polished, professional, and friendly? For others to receive our  intended message, it must be genuine and authentic. 

Developing our personal brand is critical to building our network. Our  network is simply building lasting relationships with internal and external  contacts that are mutually beneficial. This ability gives us an edge to make  an outstanding impression. A personal network is an excellent source of  information and ideas about events, trends, opportunities, and industry  news. A recent poll by Inc.com found that 48% of their readers believed that  personal connections are the primary factor that most often leads to getting  ahead in an organization.

  • Make a stronger first impression when building ones professional  network
  • Develop a flexible and authentic Personal Branding Statement 
  • Make the most of professional connections 
  • Use the relationship linking technique to add to your network

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