Managerial Courage

Many people are uncomfortable when it comes to facing tough managerial situations, such as giving negative feedback, taking an unpopular stance, or handling difficult situations and people. They worry about dealing with emotions, aggression and fear. Without strategies in place to manage these difficult situations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and react poorly.

Learning the right strategies to deal with difficult circumstances enables managers to courageously approach conflict in an unemotional way and influence others to do the same. The resulting conversations create a more productive environment filled with employees and leaders willing to compromise and provide specific and meaningful feedback.

This workshop is designed to work through multiple strategies and formulas to help participants remain cool under pressure, navigate difficult situations, and practice giving and receiving feedback.

  • Share information and viewpoints openly and directly
  • Navigate difficult people and difficult situations
  • Skilfully give and receive constructive feedback
  • Use a six-step process to remain cool under pressure

2 Hour Live Online Session

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