Leveraging Diversity

Culture may be broadly described as what defines each of us on the basis  of geography, language, customs, and beliefs. The people and institutions  within our own culture play a major role in how we see the world and  those around us. Depending upon how strong those past experiences and  influences have been, they may affect the ways in which we respond to  individuals we encounter who we perceive to be outside of our own culture. 

In this module, we explore some of our existing attitudes and behaviors  to better understand how others might view us. We will discover how our  actions toward individuals and groups affect those around us. We will  consider new approaches to build a more cohesive, diverse organization. 

  • Understand the Ways in Which we Categorise People
  • Relate to the Personal Impact of Labelling Others
  • Develop Techniques to Promote Inclusion

1, 3 Hour Live Online Sessions

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