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Leading Remote Teams

In today’s digital age, a new form of team working has emerged. The growth of  low-cost telecoms, such as e-mail and instant messaging, and the increased accessibility of internet connectivity allows team members to work remotely from home  or satellite offices.  

Remote teams are similar to traditional teams; however, remote teams require more deliberate eff ort to build teamwork and camaraderie. Although trust forms more naturally in a face-to-face environment, remote teams can be just as  successful as their traditional counterparts. This program is designed to help new  and experienced leaders take those deliberate actions to foster a fully engaged,  high performance remote team. 

  • Identify the benefits of remote teams and the challenges of leadership  
  • Avoid common mistakes of leading remote teams 
  • Recognize and foster employee engagement 
  • Recognize how the five Success Factors facilitate remote teamwork

4 x 3 Hour Live Online Sessions

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