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Leadership Guide for First-time Managers

Leadership Guide for First Time Managers

Leadership Skills for First-Time Managers

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted into a management position. Chances are, you’ve been chosen for this role based on your ability to deliver great results with exemplary performance – and you’re ready to take on this new challenge and run toward success.

But – Where do you start? 

Being a new leader requires a completely different set of skills than you had in your previous role. It requires adjusting to a leadership mindset, understanding how to hold other people accountable for results, and empowering a team of diverse, individuals to strive for a common goal.

Making the leap from being an individual contributor to a manager can be one of the toughest transitions in anyone’s career.

To help ease that transition to management, Dale Carnegie has identified three areas of focus that will help new leaders avoid common pitfalls and achieve success in their new roles.

  1. Self-Awareness: Understand how your work needs to change from “doing” to “leading”.

  2. Others Focused: Prioritize your focus on cultivating relationships that lead to a more engaged and

    productive team.

  3. Accountability: Hold yourself and others accountable for results.

New managers will walk away with a better understanding of how to start thinking like a leader, engage their teams, and hold the people around them accountable for results.

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Leadership Guide for First-time Managers

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