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Inspiring Presenters

Based on the increasing demand from customers to provide customized training solutions to meet their unique needs, Dale Carnegie Training has undertaken the development of the Competency-Based Development System (CBDS). A competency is an underlying characteristic which results in effective and/or superior performance in a job. Competencies can include knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for successful performance and results. CBDS modules can be delivered in a minimum of 60 minutes. More time is needed if the client organization wants more time for practice or for deeper discussion. These modules are designed with the flexibility to be delivered in a variety of formats, depending on the needs of our corporate clients

  • Confrontational Questions
  • Facilitate for Group Results
  • Feedback: Supportive and Corrective
  • Planning Presentations
  • Present to Gain Input
  • Present to Inform
  • Present to Persuade
  • Present with Impact

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