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Input and Awareness Phase

Establishing Business and Participant Needs

Business Improvement Discussion: The purpose of this 2.5 hour workshop is to determine how the organization needs to improve in the upcoming years and to build a vision around that change. Secondly managers will discuss a skill set and action steps necessary to move towards the vision in a focused way.

Critical Factor Interviews: Virtual/ Face-to-Face Interviews with a sample group of participants to determine barriers to learning and ensure sustainability . This will allow us to tailor the training delivery and ensure relevance to the group.

Assessments: Virtual assessments supported by Face-to-Face debrief sessions form the basis of individual alignment and participation. The assessments are foundational to individual coaching and team development

Program Contextualization and Alignment to Corporate Values:  programs are developed and aligned to the needs uncovered during the assessment phase. Corporate direction and values,  individual perspectives and company culture inform the structure of the programs. Our facilitators are briefed to ensure relevance and  impact.

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