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How to Win Friends and Influence People – Chapter 1

Benefits of this eBook

The classic that has improved and transformed the personal and professional lives of millions – New and updated for the next generation of leaders. On sale 5/17/22

“In this new edition we have continued my father’s tradition of keeping his work timely for the next generation of readers without straying from the powerful authenticity of the original. My father wrote just as he spoke, in an intensely exuberant, conversational manner stemming from his rural Midwestern roots, and we didn’t want to change that. We have kept the breezy, brash Carnegie style—even the ’30s slang is still there—his voice encouraging his readers to make what are often sweeping changes in the way they relate to their families, coworkers, and community.

We have not “changed” How to Win Friends. This is only a touch-up, as we did not want to rewrite a classic or diminish the magic of my father’s voice. We have eliminated some of the references to people or events that readers today would not recognize or that we felt were out of touch with today’s world, including some material that was added later on in the 1981 revision. We wanted to get back to the original as closely as possible, while simultaneously touching it up for tomorrow, so we started fresh and worked from the first 1936 edition, the undiluted source.

In our era of political strife and social upheaval, we need to learn human relations skills more than ever. These pages will show you how to have a civil conversation with those you disagree with, explain why others won’t “listen to reason,” and help you to mend rifts with family and friends when it seems beyond hope. It is not an easy assignment, but it is vitally important. Help, often life-transforming help, is here in these pages.”

– Donna Dale Carnegie

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How to Win Friends and Influence People – Chapter 1

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