Become a High Impact Communicator

Great public speakers are rarely born, they’re created. In a hectic world where we’re bombarded with a huge variety of digital communication, the ability to speak with impact to an audience, in the boardroom or team meeting is what makes individuals and businesses stand out.

Technical skills will forever evolve, but the ability to inspire a team, sell your ideas and influence others will always be critical for business and personal success.


How to handle a Q&A


Present with confidence and clarity


Structure presentations for better outcomes

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Project confidence and build credibility


Develop storytelling techniques


Make an audience listen

Most Employees have lost a Potential Customer because of a Poor Presentation

Alarming statistics, but not surprising when you realise that a 2019 study by Censuswide revealed that only 23% of employees have received presentation skills training.

Nowadays business people need to leverage their presentations and the art of storytelling to inspire and engage teams, fascinate customers, and gain attention from potential investors, in order to become High Impact Communicators.

In this free, short e-book, you’ll discover techniques for public speaking and networking, centered around telling a story that people will remember — and that will get results.

Free Resources for High Impact Communications

Maximise Your Potential

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Transforming Attitudes and Action

Understand the Elements of a Strong Corporate Culture In a recent study across four countries, Dale Carnegie set out to examine the perceptions of senior leaders on the strength of their own company cultures, their attitudes about its importance and impact, and actions they are taking to improve it.

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Humble Leaders: What Defines Them, And How They Unlock A High-Performance Culture

Employee engagement, productivity, growth, and commitment all strongly depend on the effectiveness of leadership. Being a humble leader brings the best out of your people and models for them the type of leadership that will help them to succeed throughout their career

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Handling Stress And Supporting Resilience In Times Of Crisis

This virtual event is a 50-minute session designed to bring leaders together to learn about and reflect on recent research by Dale Carnegie Training and others regarding resilience, its impact on reducing stress in times of adversity and how to develop it in people, teams and across an organization.

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