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Henkel partnered with Dale Carnegie in 2019 to roll-out Henkel’s Core Training Project. The project scope was to roll-out 21 globally harmonised trainings over 3 years, to develop employees’ soft skills for day-to-day working efficiency. The roll-out is focused on Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya).

During 2019, Dale Carnegie successfully executed 13 training rounds and trained 103 employees across Sub-Saharan Africa. The scope for 2020 is to increase these figures by 50%

Dale Carnegie’s responsibilities for this project include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Arranging training rounds across Sub-Saharan Africa in conjunction with our Shared Services
  • Reviewing and understanding Henkel’s internal training material for presentation
  • Ensure that all material / ad-hoc needs are available on the day of training
  • Facilitation of training rounds 
  • Delegate surveys
  • Feedback to Henkel, from delegates and facilitators, on success of training rounds
  • Recommendation of improvements

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dale Carnegie and our Account Manager, Tracy Pearson. All training rounds were successfully completed with no challenges. All trainers were fully prepared upon entering the classroom and delegates have only given positive feedback on their training methodologies and facilitation skills. Dale Carnegie constantly reviews the process and recommends necessary improvements to ensure an efficient learning / development process is executed. 

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