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During the Experience phase, participants will engage in a blended learning approach

To design a program that meets organizational  objectives, we leverage our unique design and delivery methodology as the framework for the learning journey (path) and we deliver a contextualized, powerful and practical experience to participants. The journey provides a hands-on and collaborative process that engages the participants and key stakeholders in each stage of the process.

The Cycle of Performance Change is the “roadmap” every Dale Carnegie Trainer uses to achieve sustainable performance improvement and is validated by several proven learning and development theories, i.e. Social Learning Theory—Bandura; Appreciative Inquiry—Vickers; Cooperrider; Knowles Theory of Andragogy; Double Loop Learning-Senge; Argyris and Lewin’s Model of Change.

01  In person

Face-to-Face, experiential learning sessions

02  Digital

Digital online syllabus – available on most devices

03  Projects

Projects as established in Business Improvement Discussions and Critical Success Factor Interviews

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