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Experience innovation

Benefits of this White Paper

While organizations deal with competing priorities and are forced to make tough decisions about how to use their limited resources, Dale Carnegie research uncovered key challenges organizations were experiencing and strategies being used to address those challenges.

What You'll Learn

The findings of the research pointed toward six trending innovations that companies are using to address the challenges they identified as barriers to their success. Building on these findings, Dale Carnegie developed a new model that presents a two-pronged approach to experience innovation, arranging the six essential areas into three market- facing trends and three workplace-focused trends.

Why You Need It

Companies that have in-depth understanding of their customers, and who create engaged and loyal customers, positively impact their sales results. According to one study, 77 percent of companies indicated that their customer experience efforts had a moderate to significant positive impact on their sales results and that a great customer experience can lead to as much as a 175 percent increase in spending, relative to what happens after a poor experience.

What You'll Do With It

Maintaining a loyal customer base requires hiring and retaining skilled and engaged employees, and making strategic investments in technology, customer feedback analytics and a commitment to being customer-focused.

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Experience innovation

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