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Engaging Millenials

engaging millennial

Benefits of this White Paper

Multigenerational workplaces are the norm, and can form the foundation of productive, innovative and dynamic teams. At the same time, they can be challenging: with them come risks of miscommunication, misunderstandings and the consequences of acting on generalizations and stereotypes, all with potential for negative consequences to employee engagement and the organization’s performance.

What You'll Learn

To begin with, research suggests that younger employees are fully-engaged at about the same level as their older coworkers, around 30% overall, but there are important distinctions to consider.

Why You Need It

By understanding the impact of each career stage, as well as characteristics and preferences stemming from real generational differences, it is easier to avoid relying on stereotypes that can poison intergenerational workplace relationships.

What You'll Do With It

To become and remain engaged, younger workers need to feel empowered and be allowed to do the work they were hired to do with a reasonable degree of autonomy. Help should be available and ready when they need it. Peer-to-peer mentoring can help make them feel supported and confident, without feeling micromanaged.

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Engaging Millenials

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