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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is increasingly a topic of discussion. Various  studies have attempted to quantify the impact of diversity on the success of  an organization. While the resulting statistics and conclusions may diff er,  it remains clear that today’s employees and their leaders encounter a wide  range of difference when interacting with their colleagues. When addressed  poorly, these differences may cause conflict and reduce productivity. When  you manage these differences well, this richness of diversity can create an  environment of inclusion that produces strong work teams. 

In this module, you will identify the various ways you react to other people  when you perceive either similarities or differences. You will uncover the  unconscious basis of your physiological reaction to those who seem to be  different. You will use a strategic approach based upon respect to break  down barriers and build relationships.  

We’ll address how our unconscious biases affect us and our decision-making  processes in a number of different ways. We’ll discover ways to make our  unconscious biases, conscious. By acknowledging the different types of  unconscious bias we can start to address them. 

  • Understand our Conscious and Unconscious Bias Identify a Process to Make the Most of Diversity 
  • Identify and Process to make the most of diversity and inclusion 
  • Commit to Use Proven Tools to Bridge Differences 

2, 3 Hour Live Online Sessions or 1 day Face to Face

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