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Advanced Skills for Team Success

The Advanced Skills for Team Success is a highly interactive program designed to enhance the skills needed to build engagement, manage without authority, and communicate with diplomacy and tact. These skills have allowed organizations to breakdown departmental silos, create personal and organizational alignment, and build better relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers. 

  • Expanding the capacity to identify and achieve a team’s vision by committing to breakthroughs.
  • Building on organizational strengths to address challenges and opportunities.
  • Responding to difficult situations and people confidently, tactfully, and assertively.
  • Committing to increasing team and organizational performance
  • Communicating and leading effectively by using language and behavior appropriate to the person(s) and situation(s).
  • Enhancing your personal brand by using powerful communication techniques.
  • Creating a team environment of mutual trust and support to make change happen.
  • Using proven processes (LIONS, Disagree Agreeably, and Situational Assertiveness) to get results.
  • Identifying major team successes and committing to continuous improvement
  • Build Team Confidence and Risk Taking Skills
  • Strengthen People and Team Engagement Skills
  • Enhance Communication for Team Results
  • Cultivate 360° Organization Leadership Skills
  • Reduce Team Stress and Improve Team Attitudes

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