Culture and Diversity

Many behavioral psychologists have researched the theory that people’s  behavior can be roughly classified in four groups, represented as quadrants.  Each quadrant represents the behavioral styles of people in that group. No  one is purely any style, and no style is better or worse than another. Each  tendency has strengths and weaknesses. By recognizing our dominant style  and developing the ability to identify traits in others, we can change our  behaviors to interact with a wide variety of personalities and tendencies. 

This module helps people understand the four dominant personality styles:  driver, expressor, amiable, and analytical. Knowing our styles is the most  important element to help reach across barriers and connect with others. We  need to identify our own strengths and weaknesses in order to take control of  our actions and feelings. Then we can focus on understanding others and use  effective approaches to build collaboration. 

  • Identify your own personality style
  • Modify your Behavior’s to Connect with Different Styles
  • Influence Attitudes and Behavior’s in Others

1, 3 Hour Live Online Session

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