Creative Thinking Through Design

10 Vital Skills for the Future World of Work (Forbes)
10 Vital Skills for the Future World of Work (Forbes)
Creative Thinking Through Design

Innovation is vital to a company’s success and very survival. But sometimes, innovation is placed on the back burner while companies focus on optimizing processes and perfecting current products and services. Even when we implicitly recognize the importance of innovation, we can feel overwhelmed and unsure of
where to start.

Process is as important in innovation as it is in every other part of a company. The Innovation Process moves people through the steps necessary to turn a vision into reality, and it can be applied anywhere innovation and improvement are needed. Having a defined process can also help us make proactive innovation a priority, so we’re never scrambling to innovate reactively. You will be able to identify and encourage idea fluency and facilitate an Innovation Process that moves from ideas to solutions.

Moving an organization forward takes new ideas. Lots of them. It takes many minds thinking creatively to generate new ideas, and then even more to turn them into reality. The Dale Carnegie 9-Step Innovation Process helps leaders do just that…leverage the potential of others to generate new ideas and bring them to life.
In this module, you learn to facilitate the spawning of new ideas. But innovation doesn’t stop with the next big idea. It takes the ability to turn the idea into a solution by following the Innovation Process.

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Course Objectives
  • Become proactive instead of reactive to address changing business needs.
  • Encourage idea fluency with others.
  • Create a safe environment for the exchange and flow of ideas.
  • Use the innovation process for problem solving and continuous improvement.
  • Manage change proactively
  • Recognize and encourage new idea generation
  • Facilitate an Innovation Process for problem solving and continuous  improvement
  • Create a conducive environment for the exchange and flow of ideas
Topics Covered

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