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Coaching: Building the Foundation for Agility

Coach for Performance Improvement

Becoming Agile and embracing the demands of a  new era rests not only on efficient tools and processes. It requires a  combination of resilience, social intelligence and capacity for action that is  aligned with a clear personal and organizational purpose.

Based on the findings of the 5 Lens assessments and the feedback and commitments made during the Personal Feedback Session, Dale Carnegie offers one-with-one coaching sessions  that increase resilience, build self confidence, improve social intelligence and enhance capacity for action. 

Coaching: Building the Foundation for Agility


Positive Attitude

Social Intelligence

Trusting Relationships
Psychological Safety

Tools and Processes

Facilitate Interaction
Capture / Analyse Data

Who should attend

Individuals wishing to enhance their agility and position themselves and their organization for success in the
new era.

Format: 6-12 90 minute sessions

Learn How To:

  • Increase our capacity for innovation and risk
  • Develop a clear purpose focused on creating value for customers and colleagues
  • Embrace positivity to enhance problem solving, flexibility and creativity
  • Build self confidence to become more agile
  • Create and environment of trust and psychological safety
  • Respond to data and insights to remove obstacles to speed and productivity
  • Enhance capacity for action through collaboration
  • Master change management

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