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Leadership Guide for First Time Managers

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted into a management position. Chances are, you’ve been chosen for this role based on your ability to deliver great results with exemplary performance – and you’re ready to take on this new challenge and run toward success. But – Where do you start? Download the White Paper Now

Humble Leaders

Humble Leaders: What defines them, and how they unlock a high-performance culture Does your leader make you feel smaller, or bigger?  Research suggests that humility in leadership not only drives others to higher levels of performance, it also contributes to lower turnover, lower absenteeism, higher quality, and stronger teamwork. When people feel ‘bigger’, they accomplish …

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taking the initiative

Taking the Initiative

“I think one of the things that makes me a good leader is understanding, first of all, hat I don’t know everything. I listen and I learn, and then I like to act.” –  @ Carlos Cubia, the Global Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of @ Walgreens Boots Alliance.

cultural awareness and cultural competency

Achieving Inclusion Through Cultural Awareness and Cultural Competency

Cultural Awareness is the ability to recognise and appreciate the nuances of culture and background, and it is at the heart of societies, communities and organisations that aspire to be equitable and inclusive for all of their members Diversity only thrives in an Inclusive Environment The benefits of diversity in the workplace include faster problem-solving, …

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Trust is Dead

Recent years have produced a multitude of “new” sales methodologies and approaches – many that propose themselves as effective strategies for building long-term loyalty with customers. Uncovering hidden needs, adapting to the way customers buy, assuming the role of a business partner or consultant and even teaching are some of the popular conceptual approaches to …

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