The ability to deal with people is even more important today with the  pressures of our fast-paced environments. Being able to handle conflict in a  productive way is frequently mentioned as one of the most challenging skills  for people. 

We will work on ways to better manage the day-to-day conflicts  that can undermine the efforts of the most well-intentioned team. We will  take a structured approach to conflict situations and provide methods to help  us resolve the conflicts and foster a more cooperative environment.

As a leader successful leaders are assertive leaders. How can someone who isn’t  naturally assertive become more so to be effective? Where is the line  between assertive behavior and passive or aggressive behavior and why are  the distinctions so important? Assertive leaders are forthcoming about their  needs, but are considerate of the rights and needs and of others. 

  • Be assertive in the Workplace
  • Apply secrets to Lead with Assertiveness
  • Be Assertive when Handling Tough Conversations

7 x 3 Hour Live Online Sessions

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